Urban Multi-Unit

Specializing in large urban complex protection, we give residents peace of mind by creating a security plan that is specific to the needs of your community.

Stonegate Protection & Investigations provides specialized large urban complex security to Townhouse communities, Condominiums, and Apartment complexes throughout California. We have extensive experience with all-on-one communities that provide living, shopping, and entertainment in one centralized location, increasing the need for custom security & protection planning.

We employ officers to remain on-site, conduct patrols, handle calls for service, and take the necessary action. The advantage of being on-site is the visibility and the ability to deter crime and vandalism. With the visibility we provide, every complex Stonegate Protection serves has experienced a drastic reduction in crime.

Stonegate Protection serves many of the large multi-unit communities throughout California, with sizes ranging from 120 units to over 300 units. 

Find out how Stonegate can help your community.


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CA PI Lic # 26213
CA PPO Lic # 17663
CA Firearm Lic # 303524

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Urban Multi Unit Protection

We are always growing and seeking talented individuals.  If you are interested in joining our team, please download the PDFs below and fax to 866-903-8754.  You may also scan and email your completed application to hr@stonegateprotection.com.  Please submit your application with an updated resume for consideration.

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